Thursday, April 7, 2011

I chose this piece because it has texture and the pictures are unique and very cute. The picture I put on here is a siberian husky and they seem nice to put on my blog and its appropriate for the school to see the images on my blog so I chose it because it has many features in the picture like the snow in the background of the first one at the top shows the snow and a sign that's a blur in the back of the husky.
I like this picture because it is adorable and it has nice features like the eyes are blue and the fur is light-brown because of the weather is changing into fall they hibernate in the winter to change their fur each year then they give birth to new born pups that want to keep warm in the winter. I like this piece because it shows the way the husky is posing in the picture and showing the colors and what kind of texture is in the picture.